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2001 Volkswagen Beetle - Shoddy Construction

Memphis, Tennessee
Fuel Economy
I bought a VW New Beetle because I always wanted to own one. We needed a new car and we were able to obtain a certified pre-owned vehicle at a great price. We felt that because it was certified pre-owned, the warranty would protect us from any problems that might come up. We were dead wrong. After we had the car for several months we had to take it into the dealership for some maintenance. They had to remove the front bumper and re-attach it. That is when all the problems started. The front bumper was held on by a combination of clips and other parts. Shortly after we got the car home we went over a speed bump pulling into the parking lot. Upon exiting the vehicle the bumper started to come off in one place. It appeared that one of the clips came undone. We took it in and they claimed... (more)
This car has a bud vase next to the steering wheel. It was always fun to have flowers there and have people look at the car and exclaim that it had a vase!
This vehicle was actually very roomy for the size. It only seats four, but we were able to put my brother and my step-son in the backseat together. Each of them is over 6 foot and built like a linebacker. It was a little cramped but they were comfortable enough for a ride that took about an hour. The other fantastic feature of the car was the heated front seats. Each seat had FIVE different settings so you could customize the comfort level and be as toasty warm as you wanted to be.
This vehicle had horrible material quality and horrible construction quality. VW also refused to honor the terms of the certified pre-owned warranty and left us with thousands of dollars of damage that they were responsible for actually causing.

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