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Scion xB Owner Ratings & Reviews

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1999 Scion xB - Very Good Truck for a while.

New York, New York
Fuel Economy
When I saw this beauty, it was a dream come true. I saw this truck featured at the auto show. When my husband was finally able to purchase this truck I was thrilled. It looked very good; the sound of the engine was divine. I couldn't wait to drive this bad boy! The power on this truck was incredible. I had to learn not to be too heavy on the gas pedal, because then I would be speeding. Don't need another speeding ticket. This truck was awesome it seated my four toddlers comfortably and there was still room to seat one more person in the back. My husband and I were very comfortable. A lot of leg room. The leather trimming and the seat was very nice and appealing. The sound system was very good. On rough terrain the truck performed very well. The pilot console was very simple and easy to... (more)
Driving out of the piled up snow while everyone else was digging out their vehicles. That was fun to watch.
The best thing about this truck was the four wheel drive. We have not dug this truck out of snow, EVER! This monstrosity climbs out of snow like you wouldn't believe. Very good power. Good torque. Strong truck. comfortable seating. Our truck seated seven passengers.
The bad thing about this truck? The trunk space was terrible. The only thing that fit in the trunk was my Double stroller, folded up. That's it. Also, the truck cuts off while you are driving. We took it to four mechanics, they ran the scan tool, obd 2 and the tech 2, no codes came up. We blew money changing parts like the PCM, Crankshaft position sensor, ignition coil and other things. The problem still exist. If that problem was solved we would have kept the truck. Very dangerous vehicle for that problem. The truck cut off on the FDR! We could have been killed. God Forbid.

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