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Saturn Vue Owner Ratings & Reviews

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2004 Saturn Vue - Not Overly Impressed

Richmond, Indiana
Fuel Economy
I enjoyed the car overall. I wouldn't buy it again solely for the experience I had with it that I mentioned in my Cons. As I've had it a little while I no longer enjoy the space as much as I did. I think I might go for an in-between sized SUV next time. I feel very safe while driving, which for me personally is very important. I have a phobia of the interstate and driving in this has completely eliminated that problem.
I really was drawn to the overall shape and style of the car. As a mother having all the extra space that this vehicle provides was amazing. A nice back cabin area, my back seats also fold down. The ride is very smooth in the car, I don’t really feel bumps. I think it is something with this specific model of SUV, but I cannot feel the gears changing. Acceleration is great, breaking and handling perfect. I started teaching my younger sister to drive using this car, and once she got her own car, she said it felt totally different, and not as safe. I get pretty good gas mileage.
I had had the vehicle for a very short time, maybe 2 months, and one day the car wouldn’t accelerate. It went maybe 10 miles an hour. Turns out there’s something programmed into the computer to make it change gears in a specific way so you don’t feel the tiny jerk that would result if it changed gears as any other car. It could have been another problem that required more work, however resetting the computer fixed the problem. This little stunt my car pulled cost me $300. I often worry that it will happen again as it seems there’s no rhyme or reason. The blind spots in the front of this S... (more)

Hammond, IN Dealer Ratings & Reviews

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