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1998 Honda Crosstour - Dependable, solid.

Appleton, Wisconsin
Fuel Economy
The Honda Accord is a dependable and stylish vehicle. It has sleek lines and plenty of power to get you around town. It handles surprisingly well in winter and snow. The car has enough pickup to enter a freeway safely and never felt sluggish. The four doors makes having passengers, loading groceries or things an ease. The moon roof was a nice touch but rather unnecessary. The trunk is spacious and has a spare tire in a compartment under the trunk for which makes it convenient to get to if you have a flat. I put a hundred thousand miles on mine so far and has minimal time in the shop; routine maintenance mainly. This has been one of my favorite cars to own. Solid and dependable are great words to describe this car. The gas mileage is fair too. And on the highway it barely sips gas. This... (more)
I spent three days with my girlfriend driving all over three different states once. It was fairly comfortable the entire trip and the car was as dependable as ever.
This car is pretty much the full package. It has great views and very little in the way of blind spots. It is spacious and fits five comfortably. It has way more than enough room to carry all my things or groceries from here to there. The gas mileage isn’t bad and I only routinely put gas in it once a week and I drive quite a bit. The trunk is big and has easy access to the spare tire which sits in a compartment beneath the trunk. The little four cylinder engine has enough power to feel zippy. It was never a struggle entering a free way. It handles way in both normal conditions and the hel... (more)
I really don’t feel like there are too many cons to this vehicle. Mine has a moon roof which seems superfluous; it really doesn’t add a whole lot and since you cant open the moon roof it seems like a dumb feature. I am not sure if I know anyone that really thinks a moon roof is neat. I don’t think I’ve even really used the moon roof feature at all. I notice in my accord that the gas cover release sticks in cold weather and I have to shove a lighter under the release to keep it open to actually open the gas cover. This is kind of annoying especially in the winter but I don’t really know if ... (more)

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