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2012 Dodge Avenger - Sporty, Smooth, Efficient

Rib Mountain, Wisconsin
Fuel Economy
Overall, my new car has been very efficient. It gets pretty decent gas mileage. It drives smoothly and feels safe. I have not needed any maintenance repairs thus far, except for routine oil changes and a new air filter. The car is spacious inside with plenty of room for passengers and storage in the trunk. The appearance of this car is black, sporty, and very classy. The quality of the car is excellent as there are no discrepancies to report at this time. There have not been any operating malfunctions nor have there been any concerns to my safety while driving this vehicle. When I first saw this car while vehicle shopping, I knew I would like it. Test driving it proved that notion as it drove very quietly compared to my old car that I was trading in at the time. Living up north, winter... (more)
When I first came home with this vehicle, after having had my old clunker of nine years, my son was very impressed and fascinated with how much nicer, more comfortable, more spacious, and safer this vehicle was in comparison. We were all very pleased with the choice, knowing we would be safer on the roads but also more comfortable during each drive.
My favorite features about this vehicle are as follows. The car is black and elegant. It has plenty of room for not only passengers, but for shopping bags or loading storage to move. I do almost a monthly amount at once when grocery shopping and it all fits inside the trunk very nicely. Another favorite feature is that the car drives quietly and smoothly, without feeling it having to kick into gear harshly as my older car did. I feel safer on the road, especially in winter, knowing this car has more safety features. There are seat warmers in this vehicle which is a godsend in winter months... (more)
There are honestly not too many negative aspects to this vehicle. The few little things I have noticed are what I will mention here, however, please understand that this vehicle has made me very satisfied overall. During the past year of owning this new vehicle, I have noticed that if any liquid gets spilled on the seat, including water, it has a tendency to stain and leave a spot behind. The seats are made of a mesh-type of fabric, which is warmer in the winter but tends to stain more easily. Another feature I've noticed is that the knob for adjusting the heat/fan has a short in the third... (more)

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