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Chevrolet Aveo Owner Ratings & Reviews

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2007 Chevrolet Aveo - This has been a very reliable vehicle.

Picture Rocks, Arizona
Fuel Economy
My favorite thing about my Chevy Aveo is that it has been very reliable. I have the hatch back version and I have been surprised how much I can fit into this small car. I moved everything except the furniture from one house to another in my car! I am a small person so the car works well for me. I find the car to be comfortable, again because I am small. There is definitely enough room for me and a front seat passenger. Also this car being small I am able to easy do u-turns as well as get into small parking spaces.
What is memorable is that I feel like people always tailgate me and try to intimidate me because of the small size of my vehicle! I always see the headlights and front bumpers of trucks even with the level of my back window. There is a Chevy Aveo in a movie called "Road Trip" and they show it driving between about 4 semi's. That happens to me all the time....
The pros are definitely this vehicle has been very reliable. I have had it since 2008 and have been very happy with that aspect. There is ample trunk space area since it is a hatchback. This car easily fits into small parking spaces and maneuvers quite easily in limited space. The air condition has worked great and in Arizona that is important. The interior has held up well.
In regards to the negative aspects of this vehicle. I have been disappointed with the gas mileage. I believe it was suppose to get around 31 mpg on the highway and it only gets around 26 mpg. In town it gets around 22 mpg. My husband gets way better mileage with his Hyundai and it's a mid sized car. The paint has not held up well, it seems to chip and ding rather easily. I keep it in the garage also! It's rattles and is loud when on the highway but in town it's fine. Of course the wind pulls it around fairly easily and when driving by semi's. The back seat is too small for normal ... (more)

Phoenix, AZ Dealer Ratings & Reviews

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