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1999 Cadillac STS - Great, reliable, and smooth riding vehicle.

Martinsville, Indiana
Fuel Economy
The Cadillac STS to me was just an amazing car. It makes every other vehicle I have owned or drove seem terrible. The car just has the most comfortable seats out there, and more features in its 1999 year than a lot of cars have now, not to mention it could keep up with most sports cars on the road today.
I drove the car out of state about 4 times, to visit a friend, and to go to some out of state amusement parks. The car was just a blast for those drives, it was honestly my favorite thing about the car. Long drives, in most cars, are very boring and you end up with a stiff back. That wasn't the case in this car, I could drive across the country and be very ready to drive back.
I really enjoyed the leather seats, they were very comfortable no matter what seat you sat in. The back seat has a lot of room. I actually slept in the back seat a few times comfortable, long story that involves drinking and avoiding driving. The car comes with a complete Bose sound system, which I have to say is the best sounding stock stereo system out there. The heated seats are very nice in the winter time, and the car handles in the snow like it has 4 wheel drive. One of the best features of the car, I think, is the seat settings. It has the option to save two different seat settings,... (more)
The cons on this vehicle is really a tough one, there are just too few cons, and the cons that are there, should pretty much be expected with a vehicle like this, especially at the 200,000 mile range. The car, for a year straight before I sold it, would take forever to start. It would just crank and crank and crank until it started. Which never gave me many problems, unless it was about time for a new battery, then I would crank it until the battery died. I started getting problems with the heat and a/c, it would blow hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The heated seats quit working ... (more)

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